The Age of Disinformation

When I look at society today I see the effects that a fast food nation has had on every facet of our day to day lives. In times past journalists would investigate a story, find every angle from which it could be viewed and then form a story around the most logical and provable viewpoint. Today our cable news reports the story before any real information has been released and by the time that information is available, the public has grown bored and sits waiting for the next piece of horrifically biased information.
We live in a world where comedians and satire are now more trusted than the men and women who are meant to provide factual content to keep us informed. While I do see the use of satire, I am sickened by the fact that it seems this is the only real source of good information.
As a child I remember sitting in front of the television watching the evening news. A distinguished looking man reported stories from across the country, never inputing his own opinion into the story, and giving people the opportunity to absorb the real story. Today we still sit in front of our TV’s and try to pretend that the entertainer is not being biased but is reporting the story from the only angle possible, i.e. the angle that we agree the most with.
Fox news loves Republicans in such a way that it almost overshadows any clue of bias in the other sources, but CNN and MSNBC too, are both firmly in the grasp of both corporate and government sponsorship. Network TV has been relegated to ratings pushing stories of kittens, puppies, and rescuing manatees from angry pirates.. It seems as if the investigative journalism died a quick death without a single moment of mourning by the general public.
The good news however is that the Internet holds the wealth of world knowledge, but for those looking to find the real story behind all the bias, the internet can be a forbidding place. One second you are looking for information on campaign contributions and the next second you are halfway across the globe, accidentally having sold yourself to someone named Olaf, and picking olives with very inadequate gloves.
So that is where this blog comes into play. I am here to peer through the bullshit of corporate owned news media, of unreliable entertainment pieces, and the demagoguery of our political spectrum. I seek to inform, with a twinge of humor, a public that is looking for more than the average 30 second bit that TV news allows.


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