My Thoughts February 4th 2017

Good evening friends,

So today I start this blog without any real idea as to what I am actually going to write about. I’m not setting out to be funny or serious but will probably be a bit of both.  What I do know is that some insatiable need is pulling me towards writing. This is going to be a bit of an experiment for both myself and the reader.

So what are my thoughts today? Well to start, I am in tremendous pain. I slept wrong Thursday night and my neck and back are giving me a fit. Oh and background information, I have some form of undiagnosed neurological issue that causes me to be in pain almost all the time, but today’s pain is a bit over the top. However, with that in mind, I do not allow the pain to cloud my judgment or my ability to enjoy life. It’s the only one I got, so I might as well be happy with it.

Outside of the pain, I am also considering the vast ocean of changes that we appear to be going through as a nation. Not a day goes by that something upsetting does not occur. Some cling to their faith, some cling to their possessions, and others cling to the asshole of the giant illiterate sea slug in the White House. As for me, I lost my faith a few years back, I don’t have or want much, and I wouldn’t cling to that asshole if I were in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sexually deviant large dicked sharks.

So what do I cling to? I believe we are headed down the right track as a nation. I know that throughout history, prior to us taking a giant leap forward, we always take a few steps back to see where we want to head next. It’s not going to be easy but I believe we are a far better nation than this so-called president makes us out to be.

I am also encouraged by the many friends that I see becoming activists, readying to take on this new administration any time it oversteps its bounds. I am proud to have found a new family in solidarity against hate, bigotry, racism, and sexism. So while things may appear dark at the moment, there are truly millions of small flames, just lit and offering their fire to the burning machine that is our liberty.

Tonight I leave you with a parting thought. No nation is more powerful than its people, and where the people go, the nation must eventually, even if reluctantly, follow.

Goodnight and Stoic On!


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