My Thoughts February 5th 2017

Evening Friends,

Sitting here watching the Superbowl and for the first time in my life I can say that my politics has decided who I root for. I’ve never been a fan of the Falcons but with the Patriots being all in for Trump, I am forced to root against them. Then again I have always hated the Patriots so it isn’t all that hard to do so.

Well anyway what is on my mind tonight? As I watched former president, George H.W. Bush come out to a tremendous amount of praise, I realized that our current president will never receive the same type of ovation. When all is said and done, our 45th President will be seen as a dark spot in the history of our country. True, we have had dark spots before and ultimately will have more in our future, but it is not our darkness that defines us but the overcoming of our dark past.

Another thing on my mind tonight is thatĀ Americans, both left and right leaning, are sitting with their family enjoying the game, I recognize that this is one of the few uniting passions that most Americans share and yet there is a bit of sadness to it. Friends will be rooting for the same team, family will be screaming together as their favorite team gains yards and scores. Yet, many of these friends and family are at extreme odds when it comes to many other facets of their life.

At times like these, I think it is important to remember that the terms conservative and liberal are simply nomenclature for two political ideologies that both seek to better our country but in different ways. Liberals believe that society runs best when their are regulations and programs to even the field, so that any American can reach the height of their capabilities. Conservatives believe that regulation and programs inhibit growth and prevent Americans from reaching their full potential. The truth is somewhere in the middle, while regulation and programs can grow to unsustainable levels, a lack of regulation and programs can lead to a society where only the richest few can actually attain their full potential.

With that said, I should offer a small explanations as to why I cannot support our current modern style of conservatism. While I have considered myself a conservative the majority of my years, what I see in our current system is anything but conservative. The level of money in our political system has ensured that corporations receive the majority of tax breaks and monetary barriers are set up to prevent new entries into the market of many industries. The necessity of a good education is also something of great concern. While I would like to say that socialized education is not necessary, the fact that China, a socialist country, is producing more highly skilled, honor roll, and college educated students than we have students. If we are ever to compete in a modern global society we must accept that there is no way to do so under our current system. There are many other reasons that I will go into in future blogs, but the two examples that I have given tonight are big ones.

That’s all for tonight.

Goodnight and Enjoy the game!


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