Well Fuck it….

So today I decided that maybe I should start titling these posts a little bit differently….and no other title describes my mood at the moment. I’m sick with some sort of chest congestion gunk and I feel like garbage, but hey at least the world isn’t on fire…yet…

So what is on my mind tonight? A few minutes ago, the Senate confirmed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States. Pro-Fascist, Anti-Minority, Pro-Segregation, Anti-Woman and more than likely Anti-Wearing-White-After-Labor-Day. Yesterday we got, as education secretary, someone with an intellect equivalent to a brick from the foundations of a Toby Keith Monument. Just looking at these two picks and I gotta say….Can we stop giving him a chance now?

I’m really getting sick and tired of this idea that we aren’t supposed to speak out against the President or his policies, until they are implemented and we can see if they have a positive effect or not. Let’s put this in context of a plumber. If you hired a plumber and they came over and said you have a problem with your toilet. Would you give him a chance to fix your toilet if he said the only way was to sacrifice your first born son on the second Sunday of February? I’m guessing you would think….This is a shitty plumber….

Well, we have a shitty President. To this I say, Fuck it. Just because we have a shitty president, doesn’t mean we have to turn into shitty people. Continue to support the causes that you feel are most deserving. Protest when you need to protest, speak out, vote, and support candidates that will support your worldview. If you are pro-choice,  don’t FUCKING vote for a Pro-Life Candidate. Are you an environmentalist? Don’t FUCKING vote for someone who is sponsored by the coal industry. Are you concerned with Public education? Don’t FUCKING vote for someone who is going to place Donald Duck, after a gender reassignment surgery, in as their education secretary.

Be informed, don’t simply fall for voting against your own interests. Please be smart with it. Donald Trump is president today because folks honestly thought that Clinton wouldn’t have been any better, so they either didn’t vote, or they voted third party. Would we have a Devos with Clinton? Would we have Jeff Sessions with Clinton? Would we be fighting over the constitutionality of a Muslim Ban with Clinton?  I’m not saying don’t vote third party, I’ve voted third party in the past and maybe you lived in a true Red State that would have never went for Clinton. But if you didn’t….when the choice is a complete and total narcissistic dictator in training and a corporate democrat who believes in maintaining the status quo…..Go with the one who isn’t FUCKING insane!!!!

Anyway, that’s it for tonight.





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