A Trump in the Family

I figured I would get the blog post out of the way early today and speak on something that has probably been on my mind more in the last few months than any other topic. How to deal with family members who supported Trump?

The way I have found to most easily deal with them is to love them for who they are to you and not for who they actually may be. What this means is love them for the role they play in your life and not for the beliefs they espouse. For example, what is my mother to me? She gave me life, raised me to be the person that I am today, fed me, clothed me, took care of me, and for those aspects I will forever hold love in my heart for my mother. I do not love that she voted for Trump, that she despises immigrants, that she is against equal rights for gays and women. I love her for filling the role of mother in my life.

To put it into another example, I have a friend who I was once very close to. Our friendship was based on our shared interest in politics and while he has gone farther to the right, I myself have gone farther to the left. Today if we try to have any conversation on politics, it devolves into a fight. So my choices are, end the friendship or figure out if the friendship is worth continuing. While our friendship started with politics, it evolved into a friendship about numerous topics, movies, games, sports, etc… So now that we have lost the connection politically, we still have a great connection in other ways. The friendship is worth saving.

However if a person is not close, and does not share some values that you too share. They are not worth continuing the relationship. I have lost numerous acquaintances over the years due to the fact that there was no real common bond between the two of us anymore. Some relationships are not worth continuing. Many of us have friends from high school who are only friends with us because we went to the same high school. You weren’t close in school, probably didn’t even talk during that time, but because you frequented the same building at some point, you now share your innermost thoughts with them on Facebook. Isn’t that ridiculous? In the same respect you might as well become friends with the guy who cut you off on the freeway because you once occupied the same road, or the woman who stood in front of you at the grocery store because you frequent the same grocer. It doesn’t make sense to have all of these meaningless connections that only lead to tense situations and upset feelings.

So in the end some relationships are worth continuing. Relatives and close friendships, others are useless and should be chopped off to save you your own time and sanity.

I hope you have a great Saturday!



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