Walls, Comedy, Flynn and No Fucks Given.

Politics is in many ways a lot like life, it is incredibly illogical but in the end comes to the logical conclusion. I’ve spent quite a bit of time today considering the current political environment and I have to say that there is a lot to be hopeful about. Things definitely seem to be like the sunless side of a vast wall but there are points of light breaking through this wall as we speak and the more light the more likely it is that the wall will crumble.

Never before have I ever experienced a Presidency that is more scrutinized and filled with scandals. True the Tea Party sprung up after Obama won in 2008 but the first real protest was almost 7 months after he took office. 45 has experienced protests every single day that he has been president and those protests are only going to continue to grow. What’s more, the Tea Party was not the grassroots movement that it was made out to be. Huge corporate sponsors, such as the Koch Brothers, were behind the early rallies and bankrolled the conservative stars that spoke at these events. Our current movement is truly grassroots, the people spoke out before anyone in power had a chance to say anything.

In other news, the Flynn story has the makings of a admin destroying scandal. While it might not seem like a huge story, there are chinks in the armor of the Trump administration which are beginning to show. Flynn blames Pence, Pence Blames Flynn, Trump blames Flynn, Pence, and the lying media. Some might be led to believe that simply because the juicer bits from the dossier haven’t been proven yet that there isn’t much substance. However the truth is in the reaction, and the Trump administration has reacted like a kid with chocolate on his face, trying to say he didn’t steal a cookie. The more you protest the more likely the story becomes.

The last bright spot that I will bring up tonight is the awesome power of comedy. Many people don’t realize that comedy has a way of making fearful things seem less fearful. When you can laugh at a dictator, the dictator loses his power over you. We are seeing great comedic minds come together in an effort to remove the presidents ability to stir fear in our hearts. When you see Melissa McCarthy portraying Sean Spicer, or Alec Baldwin portraying Trump, you are seeing a power shifting performance. Comedy equals power, it makes you think about things from a different direction and allows you to see just how ridiculous those in power truly are. Laugh and if they get angry laugh louder, it is remarkably powerful.

That’s it for tonight. I hope you all have a great week!



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