From Russia With Love

Yesterday was, of course, Valentines day and so I took a day off from blogging in order to spoil the woman I adore. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday and if not I hope you at least enjoyed 50% off chocolate day today. Just so you know, I always find it a bit funny, seeing all the Christians who absolutely hate Halloween, due to it’s pagan roots, fully enjoying Valentines day even though it is based around a Roman sex festival….anywho…the more you know…

So I did happen to read a bit of news yesterday and enjoyed seeing that the Russian connection is coming to light. With Flynn’s firing from his position and information being released that the Trump campaign was in constant contact with Russia another prediction that I made from the election is coming true. I spent a good amount of time in discussion, with several people close to me, about Wikileaks and how Republicans were rejoicing the links during the campaign but would regret having rejoiced when the leaks targeted them. This is exactly what has occurred. Trump, who once during a televised event, asked Russia to hack the Clinton campaign, is now crying like a baby due to the many leaks coming out of his administration.

Let me say that I think leaks are both good and bad. I do not think issues of national security should be leaked to the public, doing so puts us at risk and makes our nation less secure. With that said, when our nations security is put at risk by a members of our own government who have close ties to our biggest enemy in the world, I am all for leaking this information to the press. On this topic, Flynn was the fall guy and nothing more. The Trump administration is in free fall and tossing Flynn to the masses was an attempt to right the ship and brush this all under the rug. However as I have said before, Trump is not even “like a smart guy.”

If they had truly wanted to end this discussion quickly, they would have removed Flynn from office the second that former acting attorney general, Sally Yates, made mention of his possible issues, over a month ago. They never would have sent their talking heads out to the public in an effort to defend Flynn and act as if there really were no issues. Lastly they would have simply said they fired Flynn and not give conflicting reports of him either resigning or being removed. It was a cluster-fuck which in reality adds to the conspiracy, rather than calm the nation. I will have more to speak on this in the coming days, including the hints that the Republicans are making maneuvers which will make impeachment possible and allow them to save face. More to come on that later.

Before I finish tonight I wanted to say a few words on Mike Pence. While I do not like his evangelical theology based policies, I do think there is a bit of light here. There is a reason why Pence was kept out of the know, when it comes to the Flynn fiasco and I believe it is because they know Pence is an establishment Republican and while he may choose party over country, he will also in the end choose party over Trumpfest. I do think Trump will be removed from office, possibly much quicker than I originally believed, and Pence will be our President for the remainder of the term. I think he will have his hands completely full trying to rectify the issues that Trump has created, he will have no real time to push his own policies. In 2020 I believe we will see the Presidency switch party hands and we will all be able to put this mess behind us.

Weeks half over, Happy Thursday!!!!


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