And They’re Off….

It’s official, after a long 3 months since the election, the 2020 campaign has begun. I don’t even know how to express just how mind numbingly dumb it is that our President is holding a campaign rally tomorrow in Florida. What the ever living fuck is going on???

Yesterday we had a press conference that was the equivalent of listening to your weird uncle talk about Chemtrails and how the government is lying in order to turn us all into zombies with calcified pineal glands. Today we had the crazy experience of seeing Trump off to his campaign event, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! This is literally what it would be like to elect Alex Jones Id to the presidency. Trump has not once said anything that I would find intelligent. In fact I believe that the more words that come out of his mouth, the less intelligent he becomes. Almost like his prefrontal cortex is slowly being deflated, which makes sense considering his close ties to Tom Brady…

So what’s on my mind tonight? My boss related a story to me about a supplier from Taiwan. This man, who calls himself Bob, but he is definitely not a Bob, was asking if the country was as crazy as it seems to the rest of the world to be. My boss, a conservative, told him that it wasn’t where he would like it to be but that it wasn’t all bad. Mr. Bob went on to tell my boss how everyone in taiwan views American Republicans as the bad guys and Democrats as the good guys. My boss asked me what I thought about it and I just laughed and said I guess it is a matter of perspective.

I lied to my boss…

It isn’t a matter of perspective. Name one thing that Republicans have done on a world scale that would make them out to be the good guys in today’s society.
The world says stop polluting, Republicans sign legislation to make dumping waste into streams ok.
The world says support common sense gun control and the Republicans pass laws to allow the mentally ill to get firearms.
The world says protect endangered species and the Republicans say fuck the wolves and bald eagles we need our oil!
The world says help us we are fleeing an oppressive regime and the Republicans say fuck you cause that toddler might be packing a bomb in his diaper.
The world is becoming more racially diverse, the Republicans keep a mentality of if it ain’t white, it ain’t right.

It is no wonder to me that foreign nations would see our country as being run by the bad guys. We went from holding up our allies to hanging up on Australia. We went from pushing for climate change initiatives to denying that science exists at all. We have a leader that says he wants to support a two state solution in Israel but wants to support whatever both parties like best and so if it’s a one state solution then that is what we will have to do….

We are being run by the bad guys but the majority of us are good people. We must fight back against this administration and what it is doing to our image on a global scale. We can undo this but it is going to take time and our next real leader is going to have his hands full with this task. So to the world, we aren’t all bad, but I definitely get why you think we are. Trump won’t be our president forever and we will reverse his insane ideology in time.

Goodnight and have a great weekend.


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