Mondays Suck!

Ok, so I had a rough day today and I don’t really want to go very far into it because I didn’t plan on tonights blog being about Aspergers again. So I will just describe what sensory overload is to me. Today at work people started talking about politics but their arguments were nothing but logical fallacies and uninformed repeating of memes. That’s not what sensory overload is but it was what started it for me. So anyway you had that and a co-worker was being very sarcastic with me, but since I don’t get sarcasm I thought they were actually pissed off at me this put me into instant anxiety and I sat there trying to calm myself down. A song that I find horribly annoying came on the radio and even though I had my sound turned down all the way, it was like it felt like it was beating on my brain. I was working on something and when I went to save it, in our website, it logged me out and I lost about a half an hours worth of work. Then one of my co-workers slapped me on the shoulder, maybe he just tapped me but it felt like a slap, to get my attention and that was it. I got up, went to the bathroom and spent about 20 minutes trying to get myself back in focus…

So the countdown was…
1.)Logical Fallacies
2.)Misunderstood Sarcasm
3.)Blaring song
4.)Work Setback
5.)Slap on the shoulder
6.) BOOM!!!

When I experience sensory overload it is like trying to catch a bullet you just fired. Things spin out of control, it seems like everything is completely beyond my control, and I overreact. It feels like my brain is actually getting pounded on and my entire body is uncomfortable. But anyway I got through it and I actually ended up telling the co-worker about the issue I was having and he is glad I told him. I trust him enough to know he won’t make a big deal out of it and maybe he won’t be so sarcastic with me in the future.

Anyway, So what is on my mind today?

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting was a big part of my childhood. Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Nature programs, and history documentaries were all big parts of my developmental time period. In fact, through Sesame Street I was able to teach myself how to read before I had even gotten into Kindergarten. So when I hear about our government threatening to pull funding from PBS, I get a little upset.

First off, the money that PBS receives from the government is actually fairly low compared to other programs. What we currently spend on PBS is 0.0006% of what we spend on the military, yearly. So we aren’t saving a huge amount by cutting the 445 million that we spend on PBS, plus what we get is so much more. For half a century PBS has provided free educational programming to even the lowest of income homes. Some families might not be able to afford headstart or a tutor for their child but PBS can provide their children with a fun and interesting way of learning. Don’t fuck with Big Bird, you greedy motherfuckers!

That brings me to my bigger point, it is up to us to support the organizations that we view as important. If the government stops supporting the charities that we believe are necessary, then we have to open up our pocketbooks and support them ourselves. You don’t have to be able to give a lot. Any amount will help in the long run. Maybe you can give only 5 bucks to your favorite charity but if every person in America, 350 million, gave just 5 dollars that would be 1.75 Billion dollars. We can make a difference and keep these causes going if we want it badly enough. I encourage you to give to the causes you see as most deserving and it actually will feel really good to give, at least it does for me.

Thanks for reading and here’s hoping tomorrow goes smoother for me.



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