He Shit Himself? How Unprecedented…

So…yeah I’ll get to the reason for the title in a minute. Today I started my work day having to be on the phone for over an hour with a customer service line… I hate talking on the phone, I never can master when I am supposed to talk and I’m annoyed the entire time. In the end the phone call did nothing for me and I had to figure out things on my own which took another 20 minutes, but after that my day went smoothly with no real hiccups.

Onto the title, we have a guy with no real work ethic at my office and yesterday we got an e-mail saying he was turning around and going home because he wasn’t feeling well. My Boss e-mailed back, asking why it is that he misses almost every Monday and he should probably figure out what he’s doing on the weekend thats continually making him sick. Well he came in today and tells everyone that he shit himself on the way to work and had to go home.

My brain malfunctioned…I get that sometimes people shit themselves and that it would be a reason to go home, but what I don’t get is why would someone who has shit themselves, pull over to the side of the road and write an e-mail on his phone, all while sitting in his own feces? I mean that just doesn’t make sense, if it were me I would have turned around and called on the way to say I was sick. Even so why the hell would you even tell people that you shit yourself? I mean you already called in sick, stayed home, you could have said you were throwing up, felt dizzy, couldn’t stop coughing, contracted the 24 hour syphilis, anything but you shit yourself. It just makes no damn sense. So yeah….thats the story for the title…

On other topics I did notice that 45 is now complaining that the protestors at town halls are liberal activists… Well no shit Sherlock…

A.) They didn’t vote for you
B.) They oppose everything you do.
C.) They are protesting GOP senators and congressmen.

I mean stop the presses, these are liberal activists… They are also your constituents, Mr. 45. Yes they can be defined as liberal in that they don’t adhere to conservative ideology, and they are definitely active so they can also be defined as activists, but so what? The Tea Party was run by billionaires, like the Koch brothers and I didn’t see Trump tweeting about the evil paid conservative activists.
Get used to the idea that there are far more people in America that did not vote for you, Mr. 45, than did.
Get used to the idea that a conservative majority in both houses is not going to last much longer.
Get used to the idea that everything destructive to our values that you try to implement is going to be met with protest.
Get used to the fact that we will still be here long after you have become a forgotten asterisk on the history books.

Anyway, those are my thoughts…

Goodnight and Happy Hump Day!


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