We Need Separate Bathrooms For Morons!

So today I wanted to talk about bias in journalism and how it really isn’t that big of a deal but first let me touch on something that just happened. The Trump administration has reversed Obama’s federal protections on transgender students. Which means we will be taking a step back in our progress, at least in the near future.

Now I am not transgender but truth be told at one point in my life I did question my sexuality. I’m straight but I don’t act like other men and I have been told that in some ways I come off as effeminate. I was bullied constantly as a child so I know how hard it is on a person’s psyche. I see this as the beginning shot of a new war on protections that people in the past have fought and dies for. Whether those are minority protections, LGBTQ protections, sex crime legislation, or any other protection dealing with our civil rights; I think these are in danger.

We have to stand up for anyone who is being beaten down. It might not be easy to stand up when everyone else is telling you to sit down but it is a necessity to stand up for those who have been thrown down. If you believe in civil rights and social justice, tonight you are transgender and need to let people know that you stand for their rights and protections.

That’s why I think we need separate bathrooms for morons. I mean do you want to be using the restroom with someone who is thinking about what might or might not be between your legs? Seriously, who are the real pervs in this situation? When I go to the bathroom, I use the bathroom, I never consider the gender of anyone else in the bathroom.  With that in mind, let’s also make bathroom talkers use that third bathroom, I have never thought, God I need to shit and ask someone about the weather, at the same time.

So onto the topic I originally intended. I want to point out that there is some bias in the media. On the right, Fox News is obviously biased towards the republicans. On the left, MSNBC is obviously biased toward the democrats(although not nearly as much as 8 years ago) and in the middle you have CNN. Now is CNN unbiased? Of course not, but they are establishment biased, meaning they want to keep things the way they are, they don’t want to rock the boat, and simply try to get as large of an audience from moderates on both sides of the aisle. They are liberal enough to keep moderate liberals watching and conservative enough to keep conservatives watching.

So which of the three stations do I believe is doing the most damage. First I will admit that I watch CNN more than any other news station, but I believe they are doing the most damage. It comes from trying to keep the balance between the factions that causes this. I call it the “Star Wars Conundrum.” Remember how Luke was supposed to bring balance to the force but in the end everything really went downhill once he entered the picture? When you constantly try to provide time for both viewpoints, regardless of how stupid one sides view might be, you are going to wear yourself out, and in the end the viewers are not going to get a clear picture of what they need to know. If 97% of scientists believe in climate change, you do not need to have someone on that believes climate change is caused by being too close to God’s ball sack. If the facts are that immigrants commit less crime than citizens, then you don’t need someone to come on to say all immigrants are murderers. The Earth is round, debating this is simply ridiculous.

The problem is, we have reached a point in our history where facts are being called biased. Facts are objective truths, they are neither liberal nor conservative, they exist regardless of how you feel about them, in fact, if your feel something that is contrary to verified facts, you are a fucking moron…(I knew I’d get a swear in somewhere) Now, I don’t care if you have faith in something, believe what you want but stop debating between a fact and a shitty(#2) opinion. FUCK!(#3, filled my quota!)

Anyway, those are my thoughts tonight.

Goodnight and the week is half over!!!


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