When My Mouth Gets Me In Trouble…

People who know me, will admit, that I like to swear. Idk if it’s really that I like to swear or if I just find myself swearing a lot in order to emphasize my point but yeah I use a lot of swear words. Anyway, I have been lucky enough to work at a place where language has never been an issue. We all swear and nobody really has had a problem with it. That is until about 6 months ago…

It’s a long story but an incident occurred and so the boss has become kinda trigger crazy on questionable language. Even so it was a really lax policy and if we didn’t go above and beyond the norm, it was still considered ok. Well…today I got in trouble for swearing… While I was at lunch we had an “HR Specialist”(A career that I personally think is made up) come in and give some tips for building an employee handbook. Obviously swearing was mentioned because not long after I got back from lunch, I said to another employee that they were being a dick and I got called into the conference room for a meeting. I got in trouble and so I’ve spent the rest of the day sulking…

See the way my mind works, if I get yelled at for doing something, I will do everything in my power never to do that thing again. I take it to the extreme though because that’s where my mind goes. So instead of just not swearing, I didn’t talk to anyone for the rest of the day and chances are I won’t talk to anyone tomorrow or for the foreseeable future.  For one, I don’t really see that there was anything wrong with what I said and two I have a very hard time changing something that I am used to doing.  Structure and routine are very important to me and so in order to change this I basically have to change my entire outlook and routine. Maybe this sounds petty but hey, it’s how my brain works, want to find the switch that changes this, have at it….I’d love it if you could find it and fix it.

Anyway, what else is on my mind tonight. Truthfully, not fucking much. I’m so annoyed and honestly in years past I would have quit over something like that. I know it is just a little thing and it shouldn’t really bother me like it has but that’s me. So anyway, thankfully tomorrow is Friday and I can swear as much as I fucking want to then…

Oh, side note, I won’t be doing a blog post tomorrow night. My daughter has asked me to go to a Daddy/Daughter dance and even though I know it is going to make me an absolute nervous wreck, I’m going to go. I love my daughter and she’s worth it.

Goodnight and see you Saturday!


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