The New PC Culture

So I bet you thought I was going to discuss political correctness. Haha. no I just bought a new PC and am getting used to the layout. I’ve been using a Mac for the last 5 years and so getting around a new PC is a bit of a learning experience.

Anyway, what is on my mind today? I’m irritated and I don’t really know why. It’s like I woke up this morning and my brain said, today you are going to be annoyed at everything. Even so I was able to set up my new PC, go to Wal-Mart, buy groceries and go out to eat; all without my emotions getting the best of me. It’s weird because sometimes I just wake up irritated and there isn’t much that I can do to stop it, other then trying my best to not get too worked up.

In other news, Tom Perez was selected as chairman of the DNC and I’m not surprised but at the same time I also don’t think it was a great choice. Mr. Perez is an alright guy but, when it comes to the future of the party, I think he is out of the loop. Personally, I believe he is going to attempt to create a type of big tent democratic party, much like the republicans did in the 90’s. I believe this is a bad idea because within another election the majority of Democrats are going to be young progressives and I don’t think they are going to want to slow progress due to the more conservative sector of their party, which is aging quickly. Big tent politics works great when you have no vision, but the fact is a huge chunk of millennials have a definite vision for where they want to take the party, and big tent will only harm that.

Lastly, the Oscar’s are tomorrow night and I can say that I am just as excited for them as I have every other year they have been on. Which is not excited at all… Rarely do they ever actually pick the most artistic or best film, but will go with the film that had the highest grossing box office. So instead I will entertain myself by watching the Walking Dead and then reading from my new book.

Goodnight, I hope you had a great and less irritating Saturday than me.


2 thoughts on “The New PC Culture

  1. That is frustrating when you wake up like that isn’t it? I sometimes feel nervous like I’ve forgotten something or like there’s something nagging from the back of my mind but when I tick off the list of things I think it might be I realise there’s nothing actually on the list. 😞


  2. It’s horribly frustrating. One of my worst fears is leaving my workplace unlocked, I am usually the last to leave and I have a note to remind myself to lock the doors before I leave, I see it every day and so far I have not left without locking up but I still have nights where I lay awake scared that I didn’t lock up.

    I also do the list thing all the time when I think there is something I’ve forgotten, and like you I realize there was nothing I could have forgotten most days.


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