The Search for Truth…

Why on Earth have we entered a time period where people lead such easy lives that they can bring back crackpot ideas like Flat-Earth theory? Ok, this one really bothers me because my mind is very fact and logic based. I cannot even get my mind around the fact that some people actually believe this shit.

So what can I do? People who want to believe this type of stuff are in reality no different from folks who believe that Donald Trump is a blue collar guy, or that trickle down economics will work eventually if we try it 10 or 15 times. When the facts go against them, they simply call the facts biased, or “Fake News!” Here’s a little tip, just because you aren’t smart enough or learned enough to fully grasp a concept, it doesn’t make the concept false.

That gets me to climate change. 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is a fact. 3% of scientists deny that it is a fact. For one, I believe that those 3% are in a way just allowing for a margin of error, in the same way that you never see a toothpaste commercial that says 10 out of 10 dentists agree that brushing your teeth is good for you. Basically there is nothing on earth that 100% of people are going to agree on but when it comes to science, there is what is correct and what is incorrect. Science is not subjective in the way you might discuss with your friends, which burger joint has the best cheeseburger. If 97% of scientists publically agree on something, then you can take that opinion as truth.

But these same people who deny this stuff, based on that 3% idea, would never agree to eat a candy bar that 97% of scientists believe is a dog turd. They wouldn’t go on a roller coaster that 97% of scientist believed was unsafe. They wouldn’t try a new headache pill that 97% of scientists believed would make their sexual organs fall off or out. They deny the science that they don’t like and agree with the science they like. It’s insanity.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today. I hope you have a good Sunday.


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