The Brain of a Former Theist

Folks that know me now, find it hard to believe that I was once very religious, people that knew me then, find it hard to believe that I am no longer religious. I have gone from one side of the aisle to the other politically and the same can be said for my own religious feelings. Today I would consider myself an Agnostic who is fairly close to the Atheist mindset.

Another interesting aspect of my life is that I was, not so long ago a minister. It was strange that I am completely incapable of carrying on a conversation face to face but when I got behind a pulpit i could go for an hour easily. About 5 years ago, I started on a journey that I called radical Christianity. What that meant was that I would no longer follow any dogmatic form of Christianity but would follow the scriptures only. This lead to a new found interest in faith but it also led me to see just how corrupt and different the faith that people profess in churches is from the Biblical faith that Christ taught. It made me doubt if anyone I had grown up with, actually followed the faith of Christ. In the end I found my own faith was gone, not because I was disheartened but because I found I could lead a good life, with or without it.

I don’t want to disparage anyone’s faith but in the next few paragraphs I will describe a couple of reasons why I have left theology behind me. I will not go out of my way to be offensive but if you are easily offended you may want to stop reading now. You have been warned.

Reason 1 “Mind Control”

The Bible has been used to support every systematic form of discrimination over the years. Now is this a direct accusation against the scriptures? No, but it is a reason to see the scriptures as a form of control against those who fear the judgement of God. Don’t question segregation, it’s in the Bible. Don’t question slavery, it’s in the Bible. Don’t question the subjugation of women, it’s in the Bible. Don’t question the possibility of gay rights, it’s against the Bible. Don’t question the possibility of female leadership, it’s against the Bible. Something that has that type of control can be changed and shaped in a way to increase that control. Which leads me to Reason Two…

Reason 2 “Ever Changing”

The Bible we have today is not the same Bible that they had in the Early church years, and in fact the church existed for nearly 150 years without any form of Bible whatsoever. Splits in beliefs led the early church fathers to come up with an agreed upon canon in around 170AD. Still not the same Bible we have today. In fact Revelations and the book of James would not be included in today’s canon for nearly 200 more years and several books that had been Canon were removed from the Bible at that same time. So think about this… If you were a Christian in 190AD, you would be following a different set of scriptures than a Christian today, yet you might both believe that the Bible is unchangeable…isn’t that odd?

Reason 3 “Major Shifts From Old to New Testament”

During the break, between the Old and the New Testament, God goes through anger management, sorts out his wrath issues, and becomes all huggy. I mean seriously, this is a God that wiped out cities, burned priests for using the wrong incense, gave adulterous women miscarriages, and really liked the smell of burning flesh.  The God of the new testament discovered weed or something, and is chill as fuck. He doesn’t get mad, he’s all forgiving, and he even lets this evil dude Satan do all the angry stuff he used to do.

Reason 4 “Religious People”

The most important reason that I will give is other religious people. While that might seem like a poor reason to not follow a faith, I see it as a perfect example of who not to be associated with. I read the scriptures and know that if Christ were alive today, he wouldn’t be allowed to even walk into most churches. The Bible teaches a faith of liberation and yet the majority of religious people today, teach it as a faith of bondage. It’s not fun to be a Christian, I was one for years and I can say that it zaps the joy out of you. Try getting a group of Christians together for some sort of community outreach and see how many are truly willing to do more than throw a stack of cash at you while running away.

These are just a few of my reasons, and I have many others. Perhaps you are thinking, why not join another faith? To me that would be like a chicken who worships the farmer, turning away in favor of worshiping the fox. I personally think that we can live a moral and uplifting life without the need of superstition, we have progressed to a point that we can say, I am going to be a good person, not because I fear hell but because I want to be a good person. I still enjoy the teachings of Christ and can see a philosophy of Christ being of great help to those looking for a philosophy of life. Helping the sick, feeding the poor, taking care of the widowed and the orphaned are great causes and you would never go wrong doing those things. To me though, that choice is up to you, I don’t believe there is someone watching me at all times to make sure I do them.

Anyway, those are just some of my thoughts. Goodnight!


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