Fake People, Pyramids and Memes

I wanted to jump on today and talk about a few more things that really bug the shit out of me. These things just rip at my non-existent soul and cause me a great deal of mental stress. Sometimes I go to bed with my mind racing and trying to figure out how people can be so damn stupid.

First and foremost is the fact that most people on Earth spend a huge portion of their life being absolutely fake. Now I get that I have Asperger’s and so my mind doesn’t work in the same way as everyone else’s, but why the fuck would you put yourself through that? These are the folks that offer fake encouragement when they really just want to see you fail. These are the folks that will go out of their way to be nice to someone that they hate. These are the people who are too afraid to say what’s on their minds for fear of offending people. These are the type of people that can go fuck themselves.

I cannot for the life of me understand how these people can even continue living? If your only goal is to present yourself as something that you aren’t, why not record a few simple bullshit statements, make a cardboard cut out and end it? Trust me you aren’t doing anyone any favors by continuing to exist. In reality your fakeness does much more harm to people than it helps anyone. Using myself as an example, I spend far more time trying to figure out if you even have a brain cell firing than I do considering the bullshit things you say…just do the world a favor and take the blue pill….lots of them…

Second on my list are people that float from one pyramid scheme to another. Seriously how fucking dumb are you? Personally, I would even give you an out if you fell for it once because we all get to be dumb once…but you fall for it over and over. Scentsy, It Works, Herbalife, Pure Romance, Premier Designs Jewelry, Pyramids R Us, you have back loads of bullshit in your garage or back closet but somehow cannot admit that you’re a fucking idiot. Every time you fall for it, I have to listen to some bullshit reason as to how this pyramid scheme isn’t a pyramid scheme….

Let me explain this to you….

If your bullshit business plan includes getting other people to sell the same bullshit product and for those folks to get other people to sell the same bullshit product, it is a fucking pyramid scheme. That’s it…it is what it is and it’s time for you to admit you are a moron who is the proverbial zit on the ass of existence. Your constant posts about the magic that is your bullshit product and how much money you are making, when I know that you’re eating Ramen noodles for dinner five nights a week, are not doing anyone any favors. Join the first group and take the blue pills….you’ll do humanity a favor.

The last thing I want to address are folks who think they are intelligent simply because they can find a meme to support their personal worldview. Being able to do a google search is not equitable to intelligence. In fact it is the exact opposite. You can literally put anything you want on a meme and some stupid fucker out there is going to share it as if it were the gospel. When I see someone post a meme about some asinine topic I automatically know that this person is not someone who is going to make the world a better place, in fact they have simply found a way to pollute the digital world as badly as they have the physical world.

Second in this group are folks who jump on the bandwagon to any stupid ass trendy meme that is going around. I’ve seen funny memes, and I’m not saying that they can’t be a great form of humor, but if I am talking about the “Cash Me Outside” and the “Wot in” crowd….maybe it was cute at first….I doubt it, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt that at some point it was even slightly funny. However once there are thousands of these exact same type of meme, they lose their humor, and they simply become a virus that I spend large amounts of time attempting to avoid. They aren’t funny, they lack any form of intelligence and the only good thing that I can assume that they do is promote the fact that there is no god, as I’m sure if there were he’d be smiting folks for these things almost constantly. Stop it and take the blue pills…other people will post memes about your death and then your life will have had some sort of meaning…

Anyway, I’m an ass, I’m a dick, I piss people off and I am utterly offensive. That’s me and this is how I write. Don’t like it, don’t read it. You have pills to swallow anyway…


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