Well….that was unexpected…

So yesterday I wrote about how pissed off I was and just like that I wake up today feeling fine and it’s all behind me. That’s how my mind works and I can’t explain it leaving anymore than I can describe it sticking around, like it did over the weekend. I think maybe this was fates way of preparing me for the bullshit I was going to read later in the day. If you don’t follow politics, you might not know who Ben Carson is and so I feel I must describe him.

Ben Carson is equal parts creationist, neurosurgeon, idiot, and secretary of Housing and Urban Development, better known as HUD. TO maybe make it easier to understand the kind of person Carson is, imagine, a dose of Haldol becomes sentient, gets a medical degree and one day has a cabinet position in our government. Ok so now that you have the picture let me move on to today.

Ben Carson is famous for many things, one of those things is making outlandish theories about historical events. Until today, his most outlandish theory had been that the Pyramids were built to hold grain during the time of Joseph. Now I don’t know why they would build something elaborate like a pyramid simply to hold grain. It isn’t like they didn’t have a means of grain storage back then. Yet this idiotic theory goes well with the young Earth ideology that many creationists adhere to. This theory however is nothing compared to what he did today…

Ben Carson, a middle aged African American man, said that slaves, were really just immigrants, who involuntarily came to America, with hopes and dreams that their children would thrive in this nation. Now maybe it’s just my brain but I can’t wrap my head around a statement that stupid. I mean it is truly a 7 layer dip of bullshit. I’m going to admit that not much surprises me but this did. I’m fairly sure if you look up the definition of bullshit, you’d find a picture of Carson with this quote under it.

Anyway in other topics, I’m in a great mood tonight. We have a storm rolling in which always has the ability to brighten my outlook. I truly enjoy storms and they have enchanted me for as long as I can remember. Lightning and Thunder, though scientific in nature, are a sort of magic that just excites me to no end. Strangely enough, I have slept through a tornado ripping through my back yard. Storms calms me and most people think that’s a bit odd, but I love it.

Anyway, hopefully you had a good Monday and enjoy your week.


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