Hey, Can you explain this to….

No, the answer to that question will almost always be no, but god dammit I will try! See the way I go about doing things is in my own fashion. It makes perfect sense to me but no sense whatsoever to anyone else. So when I go about explaining something, generally the person I am explaining it to ends up completely confused and has to have someone else fix the bad explanation that I gave.

The second problem is that I am almost always nervous when I am explaining something and in those times the words in my mouth and the thoughts in my brain do not go together very well. I often give the last part of a sentence first and then the first part of the sentence. I am a very large round Yoda. Without the spaceship lifting power… unfortunately. A typical sentence might come out. “press the lowest link. When you already have the page open and have scrolled to the bottom” Hey, it makes sense to me…lol

What else is on my mind tonight? My daughter had a Dental appointment today and I had to drive in traffic but today i didn’t do so bad. I was actually pretty proud of myself over that because generally a trip in the city leaves me completely wiped out, my knuckles white on the steering wheel, and my stress at a major high. Today none of that happened so I was pretty happy.

In other news we bought a new bed which will do wonders for my back pain. I have some serious issues with arthritis in my back and the old bed was killing me. I look forward to getting a good nights sleep tonight on the new bed.

I guess my point is, today was fairly mundane and there is a beauty in that. While driving to the dentist a song came on that my wife and I used to sing together when it was just me an her. I would sing the male part and she would sing the female part. Today I smiled to myself because while I still sang the male part, my wife and daughter were both singing the female part. It was something that was so perfect and resembled so much what I thought my life would be like at this point. I was perfectly happy in that moment and it was awesome.

Well that’s it for me tonight. Have a great rest of your week!

P.S. The pizza hut delivery man today told me, after I had paid, to enjoy my food, without thinking I said, “You too.” I realized how dumb that sounded and so I tried to correct myself and it didn’t go any better. The delivery guy was obviously trying not to laugh and just wanted to get out of there…. I still hope that later when he is enjoying his dinner, he thinks of me and how good his food is…then it will have been worth it. lol



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