You Don’t Act Autistic

God dammit that statement pisses me the fuck off…

Want to know why I don’t act autistic? I don’t act Autistic because A.) I am on a different part of the spectrum than your narrow idea of Autism and B.) I have learned through my life that acting even a little bit different that the rest of society is deemed weird enough to commit physical harm against the person acting different. I don’t act Autistic because I don’t want you to treat me like I am mentally inferior to you.

This is the equivalent of telling African American people that they don’t act black. It is a micro-aggression that I don’t even think the speaker understands how offensive it is. It is often times meant to come off as a compliment. “Oh hey you don’t act as crazy and weird as the rest of the folks I’ve seen in TV’s and Movies, so you must not have autism.” I feel my response should be, you don’t act as dumb as you obviously are….

Anyway this is going to be a short post tonight. I had someone trying to a female friend of mine, that they couldn’t possibly be autistic, because they had watched “The Accountant,” and she didn’t act anything like that guy.  Well, Autism displays itself much differently in women, and “The Accountant,” is a decent movie not because it is a great portrayal of aspergers, but because Ben Affleck is best when he doesn’t have to pretend to have any acting talent whatsoever…..yes….pretend….lol

Anyway, Happy Friday and Goodnight!


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