Controlling the Cycle

So this post is going to deal with two topics, my own cycles and news cycles. To start off, I think I do a pretty good job keeping myself from getting overwhelmed. I do have times where things get to me and I have a blow-up but for the most part I am known for being very calm and cool. I swear a lot, I say some inappropriate things, but outside of those things most people don’t really know just how different my mind works from those around me.

It hasn’t always been this way. When I was young I would have blowups often. If I got upset I would go to my room and scream at the top of my lungs until my throat hurt. I would slam myself against walls and even one impaled my arm on a nail sticking out from the wall….not my best moment. I don’t exactly know when the change happened but sometime in my mid 20’s I got really tired of putting myself through all of it and I began to notice certain things that would set me off into a blowup. Usually I can handle a single issue fairly well, loud noises or stress alone are generally fine. However if things compound I will begin to feel my brain starting to go off and a blowup is eminent. So now if I am already stressed out and something else enters the picture I will try my best to remove myself from at least one of the issues. For example, I do not like traffic, I do enjoy driving with loud music, but if I get into traffic and begin to stress the music will start to up my tension. So when I know I will be in traffic I keep the radio off and I don’t let people talk to me which keeps the sound to a minimum. This works well for me, it isn’t perfect but it can many times keep me from blowing up, and that in turn makes me feel a lot better.

Onto the second topic, the news cycle. I hear people still calling Trump and his administration, idiots. I do not think this is the case anymore. In fact I think they are masters at controlling the news cycle. Think of the campaign. Trump could make one crazy statement and control the cycle for a week and sometimes two weeks at a time. During that time, any other candidate would get no airtime and if they did the questions were all about whatever it was that Trump had said. This happened in the primary and the general election. It was so bad that the news networks would watch an empty podium for 3 or 4 hours and discuss all the crazy things Trump had said and considering any new crazy thing he might say during his future speech.

It’s still happening. The Russian scandal, the insane healthcare system, the travel ban, environmental issues, and many other issues are currently occurring but the news has spent the last week discussing an idiotic tweet about wiretapping. Does Trump believe Obama tapped his phones? In all honesty, I doubt it. I do however believe that Trump got control of the news cycle once again and the rest of his administration, including the republican house and senate are basically able to do whatever they want. Donald Trump is a bullshit magician. He shows you a small pile of shit in his hand which makes you forget about the giant mound of shit sitting right behind him. He’s a fascist, a demagogue, a racist, a sexist, and many other things but I think we really have to reconsider if he or his administration are idiots. If we don’t, it could be a very long 4 or 8 years.


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