Exhaustion and Exasperation

Long time no see, it’s been a few days since I’ve written anything. We had company for the weekend and a change in schedule or routine means an exhausted state for me. A friend stayed over a couple of days and it was fun having him here but I am still most comfortable when it is just me and my family.
Well it seems like the crazy train has fully pulled into Trump station this week. With continued allegations of an Obama wiretap, even though several intelligence officials have come out and said there absolutely was no wiretap. I don’t even understand where Trump thinks that there is a positive light here.


A.) There was no surveillance of Trump Tower.


B.) There was surveillance due to a criminal investigation being conducted.

Those are the only two outcomes of this current line of thinking. So either Trump is batshit crazy, or he and his associates have broken the law. Where is the silver lining that he hoped would come out of this story? I think that maybe I spoke a bit too soon on an earlier blog and Trump really is an idiot who is simply surrounded by strategists. That would at least make some sense, because at the moment I truly cannot see where they hoped this story would lead.

That’s it for tonight, goodnight and happy Tuesday.


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